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On any given day I most likely have snacks in my pocket, a grocery list in my purse, and my next meal already mapped out. I love food, and I love to cook. I love that food brings people together in friendship, laughter, and full bellies.

My other love is my four-legged friend, Jack. Jack is part of the inspiration for the name “JackedKitchen”. He is my loyal shadow, ever present for every Jacked Kitchen adventure. And, for every dropped crumb that he can snag.

I care about eating nutritious, clean foods that also taste good. The ‘Jacked’ part of Jacked Kitchen is taking the extra step to buy fresh food and making ingredients from scratch when possible. With some planning, I believe you can elevate your cooking while still making dishes that are fast and easy. I also use this as a guideline because who doesn’t love frozen pizza?!

Speaking of guidelines – use my recipes as guidelines not rules. They just work better that way. No two taste buds are the same.

I’m not a trained chef. And you don’t need to be either. With a little guidance you can make delicious, jacked meals. My experience in the kitchen has led me to believe that my best learned skill is making an absolute mess. I usually manage to dirty every spoon and spill basically everything at some point. But part of the joy of cooking is knowing that it can always be cleaned up, and you get another shot tomorrow if today’s meal doesn’t turn out.

You’ll notice in my recipes that I tend to eat a lot of plant-based, vegetarian meals. I am not a vegetarian, but I do value the health benefits as well as the reduced carbon footprint from eating less meat. With that said, I am still a meat eater, and enjoy incorporating it into my cooking.

When I finally started writing recipes I realized I definitely have favorite foods. You’ll see a lot of vegetables that are ripe during a particular season, avocado, grains and eggs. I guess I’ve found my comfort foods.

I hope that my website inspires you to get in the kitchen, make a mess, have a laugh, and create something delicious.

And Jack asks that you don’t forget to drop a little cheese on the floor for your four-legged friends.

Jacked Kitchen

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My back patio has great light for shooting pictures. But, to Jack, the patio is his playground. He makes it hard to capture a shot before he snags a lick. If a squirrel (or just the wind…) captures his attention I can click a few pictures. Sometimes, I’m not so lucky.

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About Jacked Kitchen
About Jacked Kitchen
About Jacked Kitchen