Cooking for One

Sometimes cooking for one is great – you don’t need a lot of food or if something doesn’t turn out nobody knows it but you. Which means grab for that cereal box guilt free, my friend! Its not so great when you are staring at a recipe trying to reduce that 1/3 of a cup into fourths so you don’t make food for an army, or end up throwing half of the leftovers in the trash. (Who really likes leftovers anyway??) I swear there is a conspiracy that all recipes be portioned to feed a small village.

I know you are out there, family of five, trying to feed growing lumberjack teenagers. This page may not be for you. You won’t find crock pot feasts or rows of casserole dishes here. This is when the party of one gets the perks.

I’ve had my share of botched meals from just winging it hoping that my portions work out in the end. Many a meal has come together with me thinking, “you can always add more, right??”. But I have learned, and in fact decided that some meals, quite frankly, are easier to make for one. So I hope that these recipes inspire you to put down that take-out menu and make something delicious (and healthy) that you can eat in your underpants on the couch watching whatever you want on TV because nobody is around to tell you otherwise.

For those party of twos out there who aren’t quite at lumberjack status, you may also find these recipes helpful. Primarily because I’m no good at portion control so chances are I’ve made too much, but also because I believe in you that you can at least double it!

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